Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winnipeg Music Festival Coming Soon!

The Winnipeg Music Festival is just around the corner.  The Grade 2/3 choir is performing on Wed., Feb. 27 at 12:30 and the Grade 4/5 choir on Wed., Mar. 6 at 12:30.  The performances take place at Westminster United Church (Westminster/Maryland).  Our choirs are in the process of learning their new songs for this competition.

One of the exciting things about learning new repertoire, is learning about the rich history and background of each song.  Students are introduced to Canadian pieces that tell a story.

Here is one example of a Canadian folk song that tells about the 1930 drought and the Saskatchewan government's plan to offer a penny for every gopher tail that was turned in.

Recording by Dead Man's Dog:  Flunky Jim

The Grade 2/3 choir is singing an engaging and playful story about trolls.


  1. Songs are already sounding amazing. Keep up the great work!