Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Winnipeg Music Festival

Grade 4/5 singers at Westminster United

Congratulations the Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5 choirs on their excellent singing at the Winnipeg Music Festival in the last 2 weeks.  They have certainly worked hard in preparing for the last 2 months and their efforts have paid off.  Both choirs received silver medals for their performances.  Well done!  We are proud of our work.  We are the singing school!

Thank you to Mrs. Hahn-Tomchuk for accompanying us.  As well, thank you to the many parent volunteers who joined us on these trips.  We appreciate you!

Feedback from another educator, "I was impressed through the whole performance at how focused and attentive the students were.   They were awesome."

On stage singing!
Grade 2/3 singers warming up in the green room


We had a guest conductor come in to our choir class to help us prepare for the festival.  We learned how to make 'Yes faces' and put some 'surprise in the eye.'  We learned that vowels and forming our words correctly are important to telling the story and getting the message across to our audience.

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  1. Wow, congratulations on your Silver medals. The students and Ms. Rempel should feel very proud of their hard work.

    Mrs. Lowe