Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rockin' Recorders

The Grade 2/3 classes have been learning recorder for the last month.  We work on holding the recorder properly, breathing/tonguing, and learning note names and values.  Students practice a variety of songs.  We are beginning the Recorder Karate program.  Students practice a chosen song and get ready to earn a colored belt.  If you learn to play it well, you can receive a colored belt to put on your recorder.  

The levels are as follows:
White - Hot Cross Buns
Yellow - Gently Sleep
Orange - Merrily We Roll Along
Green - It's Raining
Purple - Old MacDonald
Blue - When the Saints Go Marching In
Red - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Brown - Amazing Grace
Black - Ode to Joy

Monday, 29 April 2013

Cup Song

This last week our Grade 4/5 students were learning and practicing rhythms and beats to the cup song from the movie Pitch Perfect.  Here is a tutorial on it.

Student teaching classmates the cup song

Students practicing their skills

Giving the class a demonstration

Trip to the Symphony

On Tuesday, all our Grade 4 and 5 classes went on a field trip to the Winnipeg Music Symphony Orchestra presentation of "Bach" to the Future.

The Concert Master leading the violins.  The large children's choir sang beautifully.

Our students getting ready for the show.

The aerialist performing to Ravel's Pavane For a Dead Princess.

A childrens' violin club performing Ode To Joy.  They were awesome!
Students sharing about their experiences and favorite memories.

What did you like about the symphony?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Youth Forum Rocks the House!

Today at the Holiday Inn, 4 students from our school went to the 6th annual Divisional Youth Forum with Ms. Rempel, Ms. Couch and Mr. Miller.  Our school has been involved with many sustainable living and social justice activities this year, both globally and locally.  We got to celebrate our accomplishments with other student leaders and hear about their activities.  It was very inspiring and motivating.  Thanks to Stevenson-Britannia students and families for caring and giving back to our world.

We are better together!
Better Together is an original song mosaic and video created in collaboration with all 15 elementary schools in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This project is a true representation of student voice in action.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Orff Club

This year we have Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4/5 Orff Clubs at lunch.  Our students are busy preparing pieces for a performance.   We are learning how to use instruments, develop playing techniques through songs and stories, and work together as a group.

Grade 2 Orff students learning to play their instruments

Using percussion instruments to make sounds

Rehearsals from 12:10-12:45 in the music room:

Grade 2 - Day 1
Grade 3 - Day 2
Grade 4/5 - Day 6

School Theme Song

This year we decided to create a theme song for our school to celebrate our students and our community.  Our Grade 4/5 students came together to develop lyrical content and then recorded their ideas and voice to melodies.  This song captures the positive spirit of our school and inspires our students and staff to REACH FOR THE STARS!

Making Music

 We have been busy in the music room since we returned from Spring Break.  Some of our highlights have been singing and dancing to our new school song "Reach for the Stars."  

Reaching for the Stars!

Be a friend and we'll go far!

We care for ourselves and each other

Grade 2/3s started Recorder Karate.   Super stars!
Our Grade 2/3 classes have been busy learning recorders.  We've now learned how to read the Treble Clef staff (EGBDF, FACE) and can read and play B - A - G notes.  All students are preparing the song "Hot Cross Buns" for a recorder test.  Each student will receive a white belt when they've passed.

Preparing for the Winnipeg Symphony.  Responding to the music.
For the past month, our Grade 4/5 students have been learning and listening to 11 classical music songs that will be played by the Winnipeg Symphony on our April 23 field trip to the Concert Hall.  We have discussed and experienced different stories and musical themes behind the music.

Playing the dream game while listening to a symphony song