Saturday, 24 August 2013

Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

The time is drawing nearer for our return to school and all the exciting things that 2013-2014 will bring.  If you haven't already gone, Winnipeg's own outdoor theatre, Rainbow Stage, is playing Disney's Broadway Musical, "Mary Poppins," until the end of Thursday, Aug. 29th.

Some of you may know several of the actors who attend(ed) school in SJSD.  Paula Potosky is playing the lead role of Mary Poppins.  Cory Wojcik is also a SJSD grad who acted in numerous plays and musicals in the school division.  Also, Jenessa Lee, who plays the role of Jane Banks, is a current participant in the Divisional Musical Theatre program.  Below is the link to the Free Press review of "Mary Poppins," followed by an article about Paula. 

This is a wonderful production that's sure to bring back childhood memories and be one for your children to remember for a long time!

I remember my first trip to Rainbow Stage when I was about 10 years old.  I saw Disney's production of Peter Pan and I was immediately caught up in the magic of the theatre.  I distinctly remember the colors, smells and sound as the magical story came alive through the singing, dancing, costumes and staging.

Wpg Free Press - Something Magical About Mary

Wpg Free Press - Paula Potosky Interview

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