Friday, 21 February 2014

QR Codes

Our Grade 4/5s are just finishing up recording our sound stories in Garageband and they have been sharing them daily during music listening time.  With the use of classroom Ipad mini's, I was trying to think of ways to incorporate technology into my classroom.  I needed them to do a reflection for assessment and I decided to use technology to a. save paper / reduce my take-home work and b. engage the students in reflection.  With my tech training, I decided to create an online form using 'Google docs' and QR codes (see QRstuff website to create the code).  The Ipads were installed with the I-Nigma app and I created the QR link and posted it up for the kids to scan.  It was a no mess/hassel activity and I had instant data organized on a spreadsheet from their responses.
Check out this quick music questionaire!

If you don't have an app to try it, click on the following link: Music Questionaire

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