Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Rhythm Test

Preparing for the playing test.
Don't forget to count in the beat, which sets the tempo (or speed).  We say 1, 2, ready go
Grade 4/5 students will be having a rhythm test next week on Wednesday.  We did a practice test this week and many found it challenging to listen to an 8-beat rhythm and write it out.  Yet, many students are able to do it!

The test will include:
1. separating rhythms into measures using bar lines
2. putting the rhythms you hear in the order you hear them
3. writing the rhythm you hear (8-beats long)
4. creating your own 8-beat rhythm using quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes
5. playing 4 measures of a rhythm pattern on the hand drum
6. identify note names, rests and their values (whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth)

Make sure you practice them all because Ms. Rempel will choose which 2 you'll play for your test.

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