Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wakati Wa Amani

The Grade 4/5 choir is preparing a song for the Remembrance Day assembly on Nov. 7.  We are learning to read music, sing in 2 part harmony and a new language, Swahili.  Here is the practice track.

Pronunciation Guide/Translation
Wakati wa amani (wah-kah-tee wah ah-mah-nee) = a time of peace
Amani iwe kwenu (ah-mah-nee ee-weh kweh-noo) = peace be with you
Kikora (kee-koh-rah) = joy
Mwanzo (em-wahn-zoh) = start over
Rafiki angu (rah-fee-kee ahn-goo) = my friend
Imani (ee-mah-nee) = faith
Kiburi (kee-boo-ree) = pride
Uwezo (oo-weh-zoh) = strength
Amini (ah-mee-nee) = believe

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