Sunday, 30 April 2017

Voca People

I just saw this video and it is a great example of the flexibility and creativity of using the voice and the joy of singing together.  Our voices are instruments and when we train them properly, you can do amazing things like we see with the Voca People group.  Some of my students question why we 'have to be in choir,' which is a mandatory class at our school.  This is a perfect example of why... because our voices are incredible instruments and my job is to teach my students how to use them.  Anyone can learn this.  This type of training takes years and the first couple of steps for beginner singers is to learn to match pitch, body posture, and breathe correctly.  We get to develop our listening skills while singing in an ensemble and together we practice, practice, practice.  It's not easy to discipline ourselves and our voices, but together we will be stronger.  Sing together!

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