Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Auditions... Already!?

It's that time of the year again for the Grade 3/4/5 students to begin auditioning for our Winter Concert.  This year we are going to have a Party in a Pear Tree!  Mark your calendars, Wednesday, December 11, afternoon and evening shows.

A Party in a Pear Tree is a musical that takes place in and beneath a pear tree during the Twelve Days of Christmas.  “Party” is both the name of the partridge bird character who is stuck up in a pear tree and the party that is happening underneath that tree as all of our favorite characters try to figure out how to get him down from there.  Very funny!

The Cast:
The cast is made up of all the characters from the famous song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  Each cast member should over-do their part as much as possible.  You are playing cartoon-like characters.  Please see below for the parts.

We will be holding auditions for the drama/solo portions of the show on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 and THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 at lunch hour.  All students are invited to try out for a small, medium, or large part.  The parts are listed below.  Part selection is based on needs of the play and how well a student does at the audition. We are looking for the following 1) able to act out the character part 2) has a loud clear voice 3) has excellent pacing (slow) 4) memorized.  Please help your child with this. The drama team with make the selections a

Please select 1 part and a solo to rehearse

Party, The Partridge Bird in a pear tree (the star of the show with a whinny, annoying voice) (largest part in the play – lots of acting)
4 Calling Birds (large speaking / bird dance)
3 French Hens (large speaking / bird dance)
2 Turtle Doves  (large speaking / bird dance)

8 Maids a-Milking (medium speaking)
7 Swans a-Swimming (medium speaking / flowing dance in Swan Song)
6 Geese a-Laying (medium speaking / funny dance in Swan Song)
An Old-Fashioned Telephone Operator (She has a nasally voice and wears a headset as she tries to answer all the calls and connect different callers). (medium)

12 Drummers Drumming (small speaking and drumming in Party Down
11 Pipers Piping (no speaking but recorder or kazoo playing in Party Down)
10 Lords a-Leaping (no speaking but funny dance in Party Down)
9 Ladies Dancing (no speaking but hip hop moves or ballerina in Party Down)
Pet Cow (small speaking)
5 Golden Ring Holders (no speaking but actions / ringer holder dance in Golden Rings)
4 rap solos (Party Down)
2 ballad singing solos (Christmas Is the Time)
5 metallophone parts (Christmas Is the Time)
5 Golden Bell Ringers (handbells in Golden Rings)


Christmas is the Time (with vocals)

Christmas is the Time (just accompaniment track)

Party Down (with vocals)

Party Down (just accompaniment track)

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Meet the Music Teacher

Time to meet the students for the new school year!  Looking forward to seeing you during these next 2 days set aside for these meetings.

Please note: The music room is open only today (Wednesday) from 1:30-3:30 and Thursday from 10:00-11:30 and then again 1:00-3:30.  Stop in and say hi!

Grade 3s and new students in Grade 4/5 will need a Yahama recorder for music this year.  No Dollarama recorders allowed.  From the school, the cost is $6.25.  Those can be ordered online at the SchoolCashOnline and if it's not showing up on your account, please let the Mrs. Fraser in the office or Ms. Rempel know.  https://sjsd.schoolcashonline.com/

First Official day of classes is...
Friday, September 6th!

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Awesome Things Happen Here

Welcome back to school 2019-2020.  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and rest.  My name is Ms. Rempel and I teach Grade K-5 music at Stevenson-Britannia School in Winnipeg, MB.  This is my 11th year at Stevenson and I am looking forward to meeting and greeting our families and students.  Please stop by the music room.  I'd love to see you!

We have a wonderful year planned ahead for us, including our magical winter concert musicals on December 11th.  Mark your calendars!  This year the Grade K-2 will be performing a short musical play called, Fa La La Land and the Grade 3-5 will be putting on the hilarious play, Party in A Pear Tree.  Auditions will be happening in October so stay tuned for more information.

Our wonderful choirs, Choir United, Golden Voices and the Kinder Choir are looking forward to sharing with you our songs at various events throughout the year including our November Remembrance Day assembly, Winnipeg Music Festival and our spring assembly.

Some fun-tastic things we will look forward to doing together will be attending the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Divisional Musical Theatre.

There are going to be a number of clubs offered during noon hours this year including Recorder Karate, Ukulele and possible Orff.

This spring, our Celebration of the Arts, is going to be turning into Stevenson Idol, a talent show for students and families to show case talents such as singing, dancing, acting, circus, magic, martial arts, instruments and more.  More information to come out in the spring.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Outdoor Music 2019

We've just finished 3 weeks of outdoor music and it's always a fun time at all the activities.  Check it out!  If you have other ideas you do for outdoor music stations, please send them my way.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Have It All

Grade 3/4/5 classes are working on this for our year end song. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Kinder Dance

The Kindergartens are working on a new dance for our upcoming Music Monday performance.  This is a folk dance from the country of Denmark.  Here is the Danish Dance of Greeting.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Celebration of the Arts

Kindergarten's will be doing the polka!!!

Grade 1/2's will be singing Hymn to Freedom

We will see some baton twirling, hip hop and tap dancing!

Grade 3/4/5 choirs will be singing 2 numbers that you don't want to miss with soloists by Room 9, 11 and 12.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Musical Auditions

Grade 3/4/5 students auditioning for the Divisional musical Frozen Jr. will need to pick one song and character part in the scripts to memorize.  Please see Ms. Rempel for the music or any other questions.

In Summer Vocal (Olaf)

In Summer No Vocal (Olaf)

Bows - Let It Go Vocal (chorus)

Bows - Let it Go No Vocal (chorus)

Let it Go Vocal (Elsa)

Let it Go No Vocal (Elsa)

First Time in Forever Vocal (Anna)

First Time in Forever No Vocal (Anna)

Reindeers are Better Than People Vocal (Kristof/Sven)

Reindeers are Better Than People No Vocal (Kristof/Sven)