Friday, 12 October 2012

Music at Stevenson

This year our school, Stevenson-Britannia, is forging new technology adventures.  As a teacher for 12 years, I have loved using technology in my classroom.  I have been fortunate to have a Smartboard in my music room for 2 years now.  I am continually pushing myself to discover new applications to enhance learning and engage my students.  This year, I want to find ways to share our learning with students, families, colleagues and the community.

Several teachers in our school have ventured to create blogs and to share projects and activities in our school.  I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the student connections and felt it was time for me to step into the land of blogging to celebrate the learning happening in our music room.


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  1. I think Stevenson School is very fortunate to have Ms Rempel as our Music Teacher. She is a highly skilled musician who integrates technology, literacy, numeracy, art, movement, and creativity into the music room. What I like best about our music program is that I always hear students singing and being joyful. Thank you Ms Rempel!