Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Symphony Visit

Today our Grade 2/3 classes went to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's presentation of Manny Tuba and the Magical Jukebox.  Students were asked to share their personal responses to the songs and performances.  They are learning to identify and describe the musical pieces.  We've listened and identified instrument sounds and concepts such as tempo, dynamics and pitch.  It was a very enjoyable event!  Thank-you WSO!

Click on link below to take you to field trip video:

Questions students would ask about the performers or musicians:

- How did you do the magic trick?  - Aura
- Why did Mr. Mark, who sang 'Under the Sea', sound just like the crab in the movie? - Altea
- How did Mr. Mark remember all the words?  - Irish
- How long does it take to practice the songs? - Ally, Noah
- Where did you learn to play your instrument? - Tyson
- How many people were at the concert? - Merrick
- Where do you keep your instruments? - Trevor
- How did you learn to play your instrument? - Josh
- What was your favorite song? - Jaiden, Shannen
- How do you remember where the notes are? - Mya
- How do you play altogether? - Mosab
- How do you get so good at all the songs? - Bailey
- Are there more symphony musicians? - Adrian
- How do you play the harp? - Octavia
- How do you not make mistakes? - Josh
- How do you make the music so loud? - Marrisa

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Out of this World!!

History has been made!  Canada's own astronaut, Chris Hadfield, recorded the first song in space!

This 2013, our Music Monday song comes from outerspace.  Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, and Barenaked Ladies', Ed Robertson, have teamed up to bring earth and space together in a co-written song, "I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)."

On Friday, February 8, the two will premier "I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) over satellite.  Check it out!
CBC song from outer space