Friday, 31 May 2013

Hear ye, Hear ye...


“Thank you Canada for making music with me.  I can see our nation from the International Space Station and it’s a wonderful joining of human invention and human challenge and creativity all together.”

 “Just like exploration on a space ship, music is an amazing human adventure and it needs to be shared.”

“Everybody should be learning music….Music opens doors.  And music stimulates the brain.  Music helps organize and even wire your brain…Music education is really important in life.  It’s a wonderful and applicable skill that only makes you a more capable human – We should all learn music.”

- Commander Chris Hadfield

“You’ve just pulled off the biggest act of support for music that Canada has ever seen.  Congratulations to everybody that had anything to do with Music Monday.  It was absolutely awesome.” 

- J.R. Digger MacDougall, Chair and CEO, Sing Canada Harmony: Supporting vocal music in the schools and communities of Canada.

“Thrilled our song is raising awareness for public school music education in Canada.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.  I think science and music share a sense of wonder about the world as we attempt to communicate what we’re feeling, what we’re seeing, what we’re experiencing.”

- Ed Robertson, singer/songwriter, Barenaked Ladies

“We are an Arts Nation.  Whether you sing, or play, or buy tickets- you’re all part of an Arts Nation.  Music education fuels the very essence of who we are as Canadians.”

- Douglas Knight, President and Co-Chair, Governor General Performing Arts Award Foundation

“Today is a science experiment.  Everything everybody needed to say about music has been proven today.  It does make us.  Creativity is one of the most important skills you could have in the 21st century.”

-  Annie Kidder, Executive Director, People for Education

“The CMEA and OMEA would like to congratulate the Coalition for doing such an outstanding job of bringing the country together to celebrate music education, not just today but many times over the past 20 yrs.  We thank the Coalition for everything they do here in Ontario and across Canada.”

- Dave Gueulette, President, Ontario Music Educators’ Association

“MusiCounts shares a common vision with the Coalition and the importance of music education for young people….  Our work is far from done.  We will continue to work together with the Coalition and with Music Canada to guarantee that children have the opportunity to experience music first hand.”

- Melanie Berry, President & CEO, CARAS/The JUNO Awards & MusiCounts

“Music education is one of the 5 key pillars that Music Canada has identified as essential if we are to re-invigorate the music industry in the digital age.  Music education is where it all begins.  It’s music education that will really raise the bar.”

- Graham Henderson, President, Music Canada

“The need for music education carries all areas of life.  Music is a universal form of artistic expression.  It engages all ages.  Music can be studied through the lens of many scientific disciplines – acoustics, neuroscience, biology, information sciences, and mathematics.”

- Dr. Hooley McLaughlin, Vice President, Science Experience & Chief Science Officer, Ontario Science Centre

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