Thursday, 7 November 2013

Choir Performances - Let Us Remember

Congratulations to the K-1 students on your hard-work to perform your songs.  Please see links below for your songs.

What are your thoughts about our Remembrance Day performances?

Danielle - I felt proud.  I felt happy when everyone else sang.
Jayden - I felt peaceful.  I was happy that I got to sing up front with Mitchell.
Samir - I felt happy because I enjoyed singing.
Breanna - I felt nervous to perform infront of all the people.  I felt proud of my singing.
Landon - I was excited to sing.
Hannah - I started to kind of cry when I thought about some the soliders dying.  Happy tears went down my face when the Grade 4/5 choir sang because it was peaceful for me.
Jimmy - I felt shy singing infront of everyone.
Christmas - I felt happy when everyone sang because it sounded beautiful.
Sam - I felt proud singing infront of the school and having my dad come to visit.
Beau - I liked singing our song, Light a Candle for Peace.  When I sang O Canada, I felt sad because I remembered the soliders who died.
Bailey - I liked when the 4/5s sang because it sounded beautiful.  I liked when the solider shared some words.
Gavin - I liked singing our song because it sounded beautiful.
Sierra - I liked it when the Grade 4/5s and Kinders/1s sang.  It was graceful.  I liked it when Sam's dad shared about his medals.
Glendy - When the Kinders and Grade 1s sang, they were brave.
Karter - I felt happy singing "Light a Candle for Peace."
Josh - I liked how the others groups and our choir sang.
Terrance - The songs made me feel sad.
Tyson - I liked how all the other groups sounded perfect.
Marlen - I enjoyed hearing the other groups sing.
Marissa - I thought that everyone had good posture.  Everyone sang beautifully.  I was surprised when no one sang during the second 'now' part.
Rose - Everyone was showing what an excellent singers looks like and sounds like.
Remil - I felt very proud that we sang very nice.
Ally - Everyone was smiling.
Callie - I saw everyone singing correctly.

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