Friday, 14 February 2014

Grade 4/5 Music Celebration Reflections

A huge thank you to the families and students who attended SJSD Music Celebration on Tuesday, February 11 at Sturgeon Creek United.  The Grade 2/3 choir sang and then the Grade 4/5s.  We had a great turn-out.  The students sang well and Mrs. Millie Hildebrand (biography) adjudicated our performance.  She gave us some great ideas to improve our singing and stage presence.  Congratulations and good luck choirs as you prepare for the Winnipeg Music Festival coming in March.  Thank-you also to the parent volunteers and staff for your help in handing out uniforms and supervising.

Here's what the students had to say!

Callie - We did a really good job on Song of the River, hitting all the notes.
Rose - Our 2 parts were flawless.
Matt W - We sang with long phrases, showing we have good breath support.
Ally - If we had more face expressions for Swinging on a Star, it would have been better.
Marrisa - If we had put more power in our voices, to spin the words, it would have sounded better.
Noah R - At the end of Swinging on a Star, we need to work on our 2 part harmony.
Octavia - I would like to work on Part 1 words in Song of the River.
Noah C - I enjoyed doing the actions for Swinging on a Star.
Milan - Let's look like we are having a little more fun and put smiles on our faces.
Xavier - We can work on making our songs a little more louder.
Kirstin - We can make our phrases longer and I am happy that Mrs. Hildebrand gave us that advice.
Tessa - Our adjudicator said that on Song of the River we need more energy.
Carter - We can have more smiles and expressions to show more energy.

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