Saturday, 8 March 2014

Calvary Place Carehome

Our Grade 2/3 choir is preparing some new repertoire to sing to the residents at the Calvary Place Carehome on Tuesday, April 15.  We are very excited about this and look forward to sharing our love for music with the seniors.  In the next few weeks, we will have some conversations around who our audience is, what kind of music we should share, why and how music makes us feel.

Here were some of the ideas we will explore and discuss.
- Music can be soothing and helps us feel happier.
- Music is entertaining.
- Music is exciting, engaging and memorable when we can sing along and participate as the audience.
- Certain types of music are better to sing at a carehome.  Playing the latest hit song will not help the residents connect with our concert.  Playing an old favorite gives joy and helps them connect with memories of childhood.
- Playing and singing 'old' music helps us connect with our past and history.

Here are the song lyrics to the versions we are learning: Calvary Place song lyrics

Danny Boy (1st half of the video)
If I Only Had a Brain (from Wizard of Oz)
SOUND CLIP:  If I Only Had A Brain song
If I Only Had a Brain lyrics

Whistle While You Work (from Snow White)
Whistle While You Work lyrics

You are My Sunshine (Anne Murray)

Sweet Home Chicago (Blue Brothers)
Sweet Home Chicago lyrics

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