Tuesday, 6 May 2014


A number music related auditions will be taking place at the Division level in the month of May.

DIVISIONAL CHOIRS (Grade 4 and 5 students ONLY)  The SJSD Children's and Junior Choir provide students in grade five and middle school the opportunity to develop their choral skills and get to know other students across the school division.  The Children's Choir, under Kathyrn Harochaw's direction, rehearses weekly at Voyageur School and attends a 3 day choir camp in the fall.  The Junior choir, under the direction of Gabriela Gallo, rehearses weekly at Bannatyne School.  Both choirs have several musical engagements throughout the year and require strong parental support.  Students are invited to sign up and try out for auditions.  Gr. 4 auditions will take place from May 20-28 at Voyageur and Gr. 5 auditions from May 26 - June 6 at Bannatyne.  Parents, please call these schools to set up an audition time and remember to fill out the audition form.  More information will be sent home with interested students.   The following is an excellent audition song called "She's Like the Swallow."

DIVISIONAL MUSICAL (Grade 3 students ONLY + returning drama students)
A small handful of students have been chosen to audition for the upcoming 2015 musical, Disney's Peter Pan.  This is a select group of exceptional students that display outstanding musicality, drama and personal skills.  Notes and study sheets have been sent home.  The first round of auditions have happened.  Great work to all those who auditioned.  All the best to the students going to the second audition.  Reminder to those parents to take the audition form to Westwood and set-up an audition time the week of May 12.  Students will rehearse 1 character part, a selected song, a poem and marching/box step.

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