Thursday, 8 May 2014

WSO in New York Tonight!

Tonight, join the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on their musical journey to Carnegie Hall to perform in Spring for Music 2014. 

Click here to listen to the performance LIVE on the WQXR website on May 8 at 6:30 Winnipeg time.

Check out the video:  WSO Rehearsal with percussionist Evelyn Glennie

Alexander Mickelthwate conducts three U.S. premieres in this concert: Derek Charke’s 13 Inuit Throat Song Games, a piece for throat singer Tanya Tagag and orchestra that was originally composed for Kronos Quartet. Mickelthwate calls it "the ultimate Canadian, Nordic experience," adding, "it sounds like sounds from 100,000 years ago. It's really ancient, prehistoric."
Composer-in-Residence Vincent Ho’s The Shaman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra (2011) also draws on indigenous cultures of Manitoba and features the Scottish soloist Evelyn Glennie, who premiered it in Winnipeg in a recent season.
Kicking things off is the First Symphony of R. Murray Schafer, one of Canada's most prominent composers.
More about throat singing: Inuit throat singing is a tradition and like other age-old forms of Inuit entertainment such as drum dancing and a ja ja songs. Inuit throat singing has its roots in a vocal game used to amuse children and women while men were out hunting; it is an practiced almost exclusively by women. Two singers stand close facing each other and engage in a friendly competition as one singer takes the lead and the other follows. During the vocal exchange, the voiced sounds and breath of each singer combine to form rhythmic melodies that imitate sounds from nature such as a mosquito or a river. The result is mesmerizing, as the singers playfully compete to see who will stop or laugh first.

More about Carnegie Hall in New York City:

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