Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Making music... OUTSIDE!

Today was a lovely day so we decided to do music outside.  The Grade 4/5s rehearsed a new song we're doing for the last day of school.  

Some Grade 5s are going to audition tomorrow for a solo.

After we rehearsed our song, we practiced our recorders.  Students are working on the Recorder Karate levels.

The Grade 2/3 classes also went out in the afternoon and we learned the African song from Ghana called "Obwisana."

Obwisana sa nana, Obwisana sa x2

The rock has crushed my hand, grandma
The rock has crushed my hand

We decided it was easier to keep the beat using a cup instead of a rock, which the game is usually played with.  We practiced passing the cups to the right (home / pass) and realized that we have do it in the beat and using team work.

We also spent some time practicing our recorders outside.

It was much cooler in the shade!

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