Friday, 17 October 2014

Concert Audition

Our Grade 4/5 students got audition sheets today and all are invited to come and try out for a part next week Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is the audition song.  Some who are trying for smaller parts will be able to sing it with another person.  Anyone who wants a large part like Santa or the Captain, must be able to sing it on their own.

Please choose ONE part from ONE scene and memorize it.  Remember that acting is getting into a character.  You are using vocal, body and facial expressions to show who you are and what is happening.  Make it interesting and speak SLOWLY.

SCENE 1 (when the Captain and the pirates discover White Beard/Santa)
Captain: Ahoy, mate!  Tell us what you saw!
Pirate: (in awe) Captain!  My Captain! I have seen what every pirate dreams of seeing: what every pirate has been told about, since we were little scurvies.
Captain: What?  What is it?
Pirate: Captain!  I have seen… WHITE BEARD!
Captain: (gasp) White Beard?
Pirate: Aye, me matey!  I would not have believed it, but I have seen him with me own eyes.
Captain: You mean the legendary White Beard is alive and sleeping in that tent?
Pirate: I have seen him.  White Beard is in THAT tent.

SCENE 2 (when Santa first meets the pirates)
Santa:  Ho!  Ho! Ho!  What have we here, Christmas carolers?  I just love when people show up expectantly to sing songs on my front porch.  (to one pirate with a patch).  Sorry about that eye, fella, you might find something new in your stocking this year, if you’ve been a good boy.  Ho! Ho! Ho!
Pirate: Avast! Hold it right there, White Beard!
Santa: White Beard? Ho! Ho! Ho! How cute!  Well, I guess I do have a white beard after all.  Very observant of you.
Pirate: Don’t try to be sly, White Beard!  We know all about you!

SCENE 3 (when the pirates go to the North Pole with the elves)
Pirate: Blimey!  How do you elves stand it up here?
Elf: We work almost all the time making toys for little girls and boys.  And when we get a break…. We dance.
Pirate: Dance!?
Elf (enthusiastically): Sure!  Nothing will warm up your body like a little song and dance
Pirate: This is too weird.
Elf (happily): Hey, don’t knock it till you try it
Pirate:  ARRRR!  We’re pirates!  Pirates don’t dance.  It wouldn’t be cool.

Elf (practically): Suit yourself.  If you want to stand there and freeze, go ahead.  But if you want to stay warm at the North Pole, listen to some elfy advice… just dance!

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