Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tuesday Assembly

Come on out to our Kick Off to I LOVE TO READ assembly on Tuesday, February 3 at 9:00.  Our Kindergarten classes will be presenting 2 stories with some really cool sounds! 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rhythm Reading and Playing

The Grade 1's were reviewing and repracticing their rhythm skills using 'ta' 'ti-ti' and 'sh'.  They also took turns leading their groups.  So much fun and great job cooperating!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Warm-up songs

We are learning a new round to help us in our warm-ups.  Think about good breathing support and vowel formation.  Here is a track for practicing.

Friday, 23 January 2015


Today some of our music classes had a few minutes of fun time and we learned about the website called "INCREDIBOX."    Here is a link to the website:

You need a desktop computer to create free songs with a mix of fun rhythms, beatboxers and sound effects.  You can also record your mix and share it.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Musical Discoveries

The Grade 1-3 students had a fantastic time at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra today.  Thank you to the parents who came with us and helped out.  Stay tuned for the students' comments.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I'se The B'y

I'SE THE B'Y (Canadian Shanty Song from Newfoundland)

The Grade 4/5 classes are preparing for their upcoming concerts at the Music Celebration (February 10) and Winnipeg Music Festival (March 2).  The following are rough tracks for practicing parts.

Accompaniment for Melody

Practice track for Soprano 1

Practice track for Alto

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Art is Music - Music is Art

Listening to the following musical selection.  Imagine this song is a picture.  What do you think this song is about?  How would you draw this music using lines, shapes and colours?  How does this song show contrasts?

The following are some initial markings of Grade 4/5 students as they listened to this piece.  Where do you see the music in these pictures?  How do they show contrasts, interest, energy and excitement of this musical piece?

Musical Discoveries

Grade 1, 2 and 3 classes have been learning 10 symphony songs in the past 2 weeks.  We are heading to the Centennial Concert Hall on Monday, January 19 for this exciting performance.  Reminder to parents that day care students need to bring a bag lunch as they will be staying at the school up on our return around 12:00.  As well, students are encouraged to dress up in their best as we are attending a professional concert.

Coming Soon... Get Your Tickets!

2 of Stevenson's students and a few former Stevenson students will be performing in the upcoming SJSD musical, Disney's Peter Pan Jr. under the direction of Paula Olsen.  Please see the information above and call soon to get your tickets.  These students are in CAST 1.  Good luck Alex and Bailey.


 The Grade 4/5 classes have started their exploration of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) songs they will be hearing on the music field trip to the Concert Hall on Tuesday, March 10.  We've been exploring the 'mystery art contest song' and how musical elements can be translated into feeling and messages through art.  We look forward to sharing our art pieces and interpretations of the song in the near future.

Group discussions on how this art piece shows contrast through lines, shapes and colours.
When these students were asked to think of words that would describe this work of art, these were the words that came to mind: wacky, math, school stuff, geometric, outrageous, volume, surreal (Picasso), colourful buildings, war, nighttime

Instrument Exploration

The Kindergarten classes have begun a music unit on sound exploration.  We are learning how to put special sounds into a story to make it interesting.  We will be sharing these in February.

Can you guess what sound this instrument makes?

Play the sound of the above instrument...

Getting ready to play the temple blocks.