Thursday, 12 March 2015

Winter Concerts Online

Grade 4-5 Performance
A Pirate Christmas

K-3 Performance
Treasures of the Seven Seas

Finally!  Now that Term 2 has come to an end, it's time to celebrate our accomplishments and there have been so many!  The Grade 4/5 group worked so hard on our winter concert musical, A Pirate Christmas.  For 2 months we breathed, danced and pirated pirates and elves.  And the hard work of these students payed off.  So much talent!  A huge thank-you again to the Grade 4/5 teaching staff for your endless hours of working with these amazing kids.  Mrs. Danceaway Kaczmarz... wow and Ms. Drama Queen Long... amazing!  And Ms. Funnybone Beazley and Mr. Crazy Joker T, well, thank you for keeping us all in line and the endless things you do to make us laugh amidst the tears.  Thanks Mrs. Crafty Smith for helping with the huge job of costuming.  And then there is Mrs. Artistic Nagam for her stunning art work... and of course, Mr. Soundman Doty.

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