Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Don't Say Goodbye

Recording for a song contest
Today I am saying good-bye to a really amazing person, collegue and friend.  I have had the honour and privilege of working with this talented man for the last 4 years and I'm very sad to see him leave our school.  Yet, I am excited that he's moving into his next career opportunity in which I'm hoping will still see us collaborating.  We've written and recorded many projects over these years and I'm really going to miss his 'popping' in to check out the sounds we're making, his creative ideas, his helpfulness in coordinate events, being a sound board for my ideas and cheerleading the kids and myself into whatever projects we find ourselves in.  Thank-you Mr. Miller for all you are and all you've done for us at Stevenson.  We will miss you!

Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy anthem recording

Year End Reflections: Celebrate and Create!

Every year I like to go back and look through the blog postings.  This year was full and rich of musical moments at Stevenson that were hardly captured in photo and video.  A student first discovers their singing voice.  A group of students feel the power of teamwork in playing music in unity.  Students creating their own songs for the first time and celebrating this with their peers.  Responding with spontaneous movement to the sway of the beat.  Hearing a mastered production for the first time.  Getting chosen to play or sing a solo.  Using many parts of the brain and body to make music.  Hearing a kid say they hate music and then turn around and do something brilliant.  Surprise! Finding hidden talents.  Rediscovering an instrument.

Music is powerful and it moves us.  What moves me is watching my students and collegues make it and experience it.  We've found joy and the moving beyond initial fears and challenges, to find freedom, voice and expression.

Thank-you students and staff for making my job fun and oh so rewarding!  Have a great summer.  Until we meet again...

Here's a short little video of Stevenson music highlights 2014-2015.

Monday, 29 June 2015

And the Music Award goes to...

Talented and smart young lady wins the Stevenson Music Award 2015!

These funny, bright, creative kids were music leaders in so many ways.  Thank you for sharing your leadership and talents.

Seeing these girls shine in many music moments throughout the years.  Wishing them the best in their journeys.  Keep singing!

These are the music-makers!  Talented, kind and beautiful.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Amazing Race

Today we had our first cultural activity day. There were many fun stations students could visit throughout the school.  Food, games, music, clothing, language, art, dance - all important parts to the world's nations.  Here's a small video of the fun we had in the music room today.

'Rapping' Up the Year

On Tuesday, Ryeon McClenton from Kansas City, Kansas came to Stevenson.  He is a rap/hip hop artist who loves singing inspirational music and doing workshops with kids.  His CD "A Language Called Love" is on itunes.  Check it out.  Thanks for coming to our school, Ryeon.  We were challenged to be the best we can be and use music to be a positive change.  Love - Joy - Peace - Commitment - Goodness - Self-Control!

Here's some video highlights of the afternoon.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Singing in the Rain

Wow!  Amazing job today as our school put on our final concert for Calvary Place Carehome.  Thank you to Ms. Kappy and the residents for joining us on this raining Monday morning.  May you have left singing in the rain!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Yo Winnipeg! Word! Room 14's in the House!

Every time I head to Mrs. Hamm's room to pick up these kids for music, they have learned a new fun song.  This one, Yo Winnipeg, is one of my favs.  Word!

We Got Talent Show

This week the Grade 2/3 classrooms had talent shows.  We heard recorders, piano pieces and drum creations.  We saw ballet dancing, ribbon dancing, hula hoop tricks, cartwheeling and tumbling.  Some kids wrote their own songs, sang in the mic and we even heard a rap.  One student drew a picture in 2 minutes.  Congratulations everyone.  We've got talent!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Walking Wolf Performance

Last week we had an amazing performance by Ray Stevenson, known as Walking Wolf.  He shared with us stories and taught us about aboriginal drumming, singing and hoop dancing.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Rap Concert Coming Soon

Welcome with me to Winnipeg for the first time, Kansas City hip-hop/rapper, Ryeon McClenton.  He's putting on a concert for us at 1:00 pm and then will be working with the older kids on songwriting.

Check out some of Ryeon's music from his new album "A Language Called Love"
CDs will be on sale for $15.00.  Album soon to be out on Itunes.

Carehome Concert Coming Soon

As we finish up the year, we are celebrating with some very special people in our community.  Calvary Place Carehome is coming to Stevenson on Monday, June 22 and we are going to sing songs, play our instruments and perform dances for them.  Families are welcome to join us.  10:30-11:30.

Music is powerful.  It speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest.  It heals the heart and makes it whole.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Movin' and Groovin'

The music room has been a hopping place these past two weeks as we've been exploring the Drums Alive program.  Here are 2 new dances that Ms. Rempel created.  Enjoy!

La Bamba Remix 2008 - Safri Duo

Moves Like Jagger - Kidz Bop version

Starships - Kidz Bop version

The Gummy Bear Song

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Aboriginal Drumming

Teaching us about the circle shape

Today Mrs. McGurry, our Aboriginal Education Teacher for St. James-Assiniboia SD came and taught one of our Kindergarten classes about the aboriginal drum.   We learned that the skins are made of elk, moose and deer.  We learned that a drum is a living thing and should be respected.  The sound of the drum is the heart beat of life.  Mrs. Rempel learned it is important to take care of our drums by 'watering' them.  Mrs. McGurry even taught us the friendship dance and the meaning of the circle shape.  Thank-you so much for sharing this wonderful gift.
Showing us how a drum is created

Trying out the drums

Trying to keep the beat with the rattles and drums

Here are a few beautiful songs and story that we can listen to that share this beautiful culture.

Anishinaabe Spirit Bear Song

Anishinaabek Turtle song 

The Drum Calls Softly

I'm a Gummy Bear?!

Learning patterns to the Gummy Bear song
Today the Grade 1 classes were introduced to the Drums Alive program.

Our 3 rules are:
1. safety
2. respect
3. participate (who doesn't?!)

Our first song is learning patterns.  We realize that we have to know our RIGHT and LEFT or we can easily get mixed up and bump into someone.  We also have to be able to count to 8, feel the beat, follow the pattern (teacher) and listen to the music all at the same time.  It's hard at first but fun when we all get it!  Once we know it, we can start singing along!

The form of the song is ABCADBCAEAF.  Wow!  That's alot to remember!

Take on the World

For the next few weeks our school is preparing for our final concerts.  We have the Calvary Place Carehome coming to our school on Monday, June 22 for a concert.  We will be performing from 10:30-11:30.  Families are welcome.  Our final celebration is a good-bye to staff and students on Monday, June 29.  This assembly takes place from 10:00-11:00.   We are preparing this beautiful song called "Take on the World" by Sabrina Carpenter.  Check it out!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Drums Alive!

For the next few weeks we are testing out our rhythm skills in music as we learn some aerobic routines / music patterns using drum sticks and exercise balls.  Here are a few videos we've tried so far:

Party Rock!