Thursday, 4 June 2015

Aboriginal Drumming

Teaching us about the circle shape

Today Mrs. McGurry, our Aboriginal Education Teacher for St. James-Assiniboia SD came and taught one of our Kindergarten classes about the aboriginal drum.   We learned that the skins are made of elk, moose and deer.  We learned that a drum is a living thing and should be respected.  The sound of the drum is the heart beat of life.  Mrs. Rempel learned it is important to take care of our drums by 'watering' them.  Mrs. McGurry even taught us the friendship dance and the meaning of the circle shape.  Thank-you so much for sharing this wonderful gift.
Showing us how a drum is created

Trying out the drums

Trying to keep the beat with the rattles and drums

Here are a few beautiful songs and story that we can listen to that share this beautiful culture.

Anishinaabe Spirit Bear Song

Anishinaabek Turtle song 

The Drum Calls Softly

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