Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Year End Reflections: Celebrate and Create!

Every year I like to go back and look through the blog postings.  This year was full and rich of musical moments at Stevenson that were hardly captured in photo and video.  A student first discovers their singing voice.  A group of students feel the power of teamwork in playing music in unity.  Students creating their own songs for the first time and celebrating this with their peers.  Responding with spontaneous movement to the sway of the beat.  Hearing a mastered production for the first time.  Getting chosen to play or sing a solo.  Using many parts of the brain and body to make music.  Hearing a kid say they hate music and then turn around and do something brilliant.  Surprise! Finding hidden talents.  Rediscovering an instrument.

Music is powerful and it moves us.  What moves me is watching my students and collegues make it and experience it.  We've found joy and the moving beyond initial fears and challenges, to find freedom, voice and expression.

Thank-you students and staff for making my job fun and oh so rewarding!  Have a great summer.  Until we meet again...

Here's a short little video of Stevenson music highlights 2014-2015.

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