Saturday, 31 October 2015

Coffee Can Search

I am in search for about 30 - 3 lb (48 oz) size coffee cans with their lids.  If you have any empty ones, please send them to school with your child as we'll be using them for some special music making.  Thanks!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Music Games for Learning

One of the best ways of learning is by doing. Carl Orff says "Tell me, I forget, show me, I remember, involve me, I understand." This week in music we've been playing singing games, writing new verses to songs and creating word rhythms. We have been identifying parts of music including form, phrase, pitch, rhythm and beat. Here are a few of those pieces.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Song Rehearsals

All our students are busy preparing for our Remembrance Day assembly on Nov. 10 at 11:00.  Each class is singing a song and all are welcome to join us for this event.  Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5 songs are posted on the blog under the choir tabs above.  Here is a little history video about the poppy (in Scotland).

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Building Community in September

The music room has been a busy place for the month of September.  Our big theme this year is all about building community.  Here's what we've been up to:

Assembly song leaders
Our classrooms had a wonderful sharing time during our October assembly.  We shared important things that make our classrooms special.  We sang our music room rap and Stevenson's theme song, Reach For the Stars.  A shout out to all the students who rehearsed, shared and performed.  It was awesome!

Tinikling club choreographing parts
2 clubs have started up which include the Philippino stick dancing called Tinikling. This team is learning to work together and designing a dance routine to an upbeat pop culture song.  We meet on Day 6 at lunch.

Drumming club getting their jam on
The Grade 3 Drumming Club is learning to play a variety of rhythms on the tubano drums. We are working on playing together in beat.  Our latest chant is Jeremiah Blow the Fire and we are working on getting a unified sound on the tone and bass parts of the drum.  We meet on Day 2 at lunch.

Drum rhythm patterns 


MUSIC IS IN ME - In this unit, students are building awareness of the group and becoming more comfortable with music class routines and procedures. They are presented with a variety of chants, singing moving and imaginative activities and games that will teach rhythm and expression, exploring what it is to be music smart.  We explore our different voices and work on matching our singing voices.  We like to have fun singing, moving and imagining.

Kinder dancing to Elephants Have Wrinkles
Practicing using sticks to Listen to the Ducks song

MUSIC CONNECTS ME TO OTHERS - In our Term 1 unit, the Grade 1 classes have been working on music room routines.  We've been exploring different instruments and proper playing techniques for each instrument.  We are learning to play together as a team.  When a problem arises, we stop and figure out together how to solve it.  We are also learning to keep the beat and match our singing voices.  Here's one of the songs we learned.  How else can you count to eight?

Grade 1 exploring the piano
Back to school song

GRADE 2/3:

MUSIC CONNECTS US - Students have been looking at classroom citizenship and how we share our music experience.  Music activities center around team-building so we will understand our rights and responsibilities in the music-making community.  How do you contribute to the team?  What does a great choir look like and sound like and feel like?  How do certain songs connect us?  As we look into these questions we will see how music influences our identity (traditions, celebrations, play, media, arts, games and places).

Room 11 choir
Room 12 excited to sing!
Room 17 ready!
Room 18 choir!
Practicing beats and mallet techniques on the bars
Hey There Neighbour!
Instrument sort
Instrument technique and keeping the beats
Circle games and singing

GRADE 4/5:

MUSIC MAKES IMPACTIn this unit, students will look at the impact that music has on them.  They will look at the influences that play factors into creating music (elements, techniques, concepts).  When creating music, they will identify points of inspiration through history and present sources.  They will work to see how collaboration and individual voice are important to accomplish a task. Students will also look at what makes a performance memorable.

Looked at different ways we are smart.  We also discussed how a person can show these intelligences in music class.
Ready, set, sing!
Sharing ideas about how to make choir the best!
Presentations on what music is.
Listening to music to analyze
Music sharing on ipads