Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Team Work - Synchronize!

I just watched this performance for the first time and can't help but love the artistry and blend of dance, sport and music.  This performance involved math, science and art.  It is social and teaches us about citizenship and teamwork.  We have to think critically to evaluate.  We look at the whole but each person plays a part in the big picture.

We have had many discussions about teamwork and when one isn't pulling their weight, it brings the whole group down.  What is my best?  What do I need to learn and work on so that I can be successful for me and for the team?  What am I contributing that is helping my team?  Is the product more important than the process of struggle to get there?  These skaters didn't just wake up one morning and say "I'm going to be a champion figure-skater."  Even if if they did, there were steps they needed to get there.  What's their story?  How did they get where they are?  What was their process?

On the eve of our first performances at Remembrance Day and in preparation for our winter concert, we are working through that process of synchronizing our voices and our performance posture.  Many days have been rough and believe me, getting 80 some kids to sound like one voice - challenging to say the least.  But we are growing.  We are spurring one another on in our gifts, talents and discoveries.

Please come and join us for our two upcoming performances.  Our Remembrance Day assembly includes the whole school singing a song.  See the banner below.

Winter Concert details on the banners below.

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