Thursday, 10 March 2016


Today we had vocal coach, Heidi Korte, do a workshop with our soloists for the upcoming Annie musical.  It was amazing!!! I learned lots and we are already seeing and hearing a change in these awesome kids singing!  We look forward to having her back in a few weeks.

A little about Heidi: She is a singer that started her musical journey in opera and classical music. She has a music degree from the University of Manitoba in classical voice but has since then developed a pop/rock contemporary sound. As a multi-instrumentalist she can play most instruments including harp, cello, bass, accoustic guitar, but is most comfortable on the keyboard. She also runs her own private music studio out of her house and teaches piano by ear, improvising, contemporary vocal technique, guitar, and songwriting.

Check out this great warm-up and hear the difference between Celion Dion and Ellen singing.

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