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Please have all forms and costumes in by no later than Monday, May 2.  All items must be labeled on the inside and put in a bag with your child's name on it.  For the New Yorker chorus, if you haven't already, please return the form indicating the night your child will perform and you will attend.  This is needed IMMEDIATELY.  Thank-you to all who have returned them promptly.

The main actors costumes have been mostly provided.  These students are expected to be performing both nights as they have lead roles.  Please see a few items that may still be needed.

  • Orphans: cool short shorts, tank top, flat shoes or boots - black preferred or neutral colored shoes, hair ties for pigtails/braids, anklet white socks or neutral colored stockings or long white, grey, or black knee high socks

Orphans - Isabella D, Samantha K, Cassey C, Aura S, Dacotah A, Azraa A, Krista N, Parinta A, Cadence D, Romee M, Irish G, Maye A, Jessica, Delilah, Kiera C, Ruby, Gianna, Danieka, Krystal, Abigail
  • Ms. Hannigan, Lily, Grace, Apple Sellers: short shorts to wear under dresses, white or black tank top

Ms. Hannigan – Bailey T
Lily – Willow M
Grace Farrell - Nicole M
Apple Sellers – Hannah N, Shannon, Sierra      
  • Rooster, Oliver, Grumpy Man, Louis, Roosevelt, Officers, Bert and Bundles, Star-to-Be: short shorts to wear under pants, white t-shirt/undershirt to wear under dress shirt, black or dark shoes with black socks
Rooster – Johannes M           
Oliver Warbucks  – Nathan D
Grumpy Man –  Riley S
Louis Howe – Jimmy H
President Roosevelt – Meelad A
Police Officers – Mitchell R, Jayden K
Bert Healey – Tyson W   
Bundles – Quinton C
Star-to-Be - Joseph   
  • Girl servants - bike shorts to wear under their skirts, white tank top or camisole, black shoes with white anklet socks
  • Boy servants – bike shorts to wear under their dress pants, black socks with black or dark dress shoes

Servants - Jack, James, Phoenix K, Marlen E, Joseph M, Brielle, Hannah, Alea M, Piper, Sara, Olivia, Brooke
  • Sandy: short shorts to wear under costume, cool undershirt, hair tie, white or black or brown socks and slip-ons (beige/black/brown/grey/white)
Sandy – Christina M      

Usherette – Breanna W
Stars-to-Be – Kristine N, Drew H, Keerat K.

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