Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Cat Came Back

Today the Grade 1 classes got to enjoy the fun song "The Cat Came Back."  Listening to song 'stories' is a great way to build literacy awareness, oral language skills, critical-thinking, comprehension, and self-expression.

Vocabulary: cat, yellow, farm, farmer, tractor, trucker, truck, pilot, plane, train, train conductor, little girl

Some great questions ask about the song:
What color was the cat in this story? Why do you think Mr. Johnson wanted to give the cat away? Who was the first person that Mr. Johnson gave the cat to? What were the sequence of events? How do you think the cat felt each time Mr. Johnson gave him away? How many times did the cat go back to Mr. Johnson? Can a cat really a drive a truck, fly a plane or eat up an entire field of corn? Is this story real or make-believe? How did the story end? How do you think the cat felt when the little girl took him home? Why do you think he felt that way? What was your favorite part of the story? What do you think the little girl named the cat?  What was the song form?

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