Friday, 3 March 2017

Shining Stars

Congratulations on the fantastic singing today by the Grade 2/3 choir at the 99th annual Winnipeg Music Festival.  I was so proud of these 100 kids for the effort they put in to do their best.  We received a silver medal today.

Why singing?

Singing is...
= a part of our cultural heritage
= a way of exploring the elements of music
=  a way of exploring the forms and styles of music
= a way of expressing musical ideas
= a way of sharing music with others
= providing an opportunity to use your personal instrument (voice)
= allowing students to vocally manipulate sound
= a way of making music together
= as an ensemble, creating a musical statement that could not be created by an individual
= allowing everyone to be an artist
= enabling students to gain confidence in the sound and feeling of their singing voice
= a special experience of communication between composer and the singer
= enabling students to take part in musical activities that can be enjoyed and esteemed for their own sake

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