School Videos 2012-17

SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017

Singing O Canada at Manitoba Moose Hockey Game - January

Christmas Cheer at Calvary Place Carehome

Elfie Selfie

Listen Rondo - Grade 4/5

What Does Peace Feel Like?  By Grade One Students

Remembrance Day Assembly

SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016

Music Counts Canada - Band Aid Grant

Outdoor Music June 2016

Music Monday - Music Lives Here!

Staff Sing Along

Winter Concert 2015 - It's Winter in Our City!

Winter Concert 2015 - Winter in Our City

SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015

Music Highlights 2015

Stevenson's Got Talent!

Cultural Day June 2015 - Aboriginal Music Station

Ryeon McClenton Rap Workshops June 2015

Walking Wolf Aboriginal Performance May 2015

Art Gallery - Grade 4/5 Choir - Shining Moon (Thai Folk Song)

Art Gallery - Whole School Singing Wavin' Flag

Room 5 Tap Dance Performance

Art Gallery - Tinikling Club

Art Gallery - Grade 2/3 French Dance

MUSIC MONDAY 2015 - Wavin' Flag

Grade 1 - Ms. Mary Mack Group Handclapping

Grade 1 - Room 14 - Rain on the Green Grass Body Percussion Creations

Grade 1 - Room 16 - Rain on the Green Grass Body Percussion Creations

Can You Feel It - Song by Mr. Miller, Ms. Rempel and Grade 4/5 students
Entered into the Music Contest Song Search 2014-2015

Poetry 2015: Grade 1 (Room 16) - Learning to play dynamics to poems

Video Fun 2015: Grade 4/5 (Room 4) making a birthday video using Ipad (App - VidRhythm)

Dances 2015: Grade 2/3 classes learning a French dance

Games 2015: Grade 1 students practicing Miss Mary Mack Handclapping Game

I Love to Read 2015: Grade 3 (Room 17) Sound Story of One Hundred Hungry Ants

I Love to Read 2015: Grade 2/3 (Room 18) Sound Story of Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock

I Love to Read 2015: Grade 2 (Room 11) Sound Story of Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon

I Love to Read 2015: Grade 1/2 (Room 12) Sound Story of Swimmy

WMF 2015: Grade 2/3 Choir - Nursery Rhyme Nonsense & Lullaby

WMF 2015: Grade 4/5 Choir - Shining Moon (Thai Folksong) & I'se the B'y

Winter Concert 2014: Grade 4/5 A Pirate Christmas

Winter Concert 2014: Grade K-3 Treasures of the Seven Seas (A Cultural Mix of songs)
I Love To Read 2015: Kinder Sound Story (Room 8) "When It Rains It Rains"

Remembrance Day 2014: Grade K-1 singing "We Remember"

Remembrance Day 2014: Grade 2/3 choir singing "One Dream"

Remembrance Day 2014: Grade 4/5 choir singing "Wakati Wa Amani"

SCHOOL YEAR 2013-2014

Dances 2014: Kinderpolka

MB Music Concerts at Legislative Building 2014: Grade 4/5 Choir Performance

Music Monday 2014: All School singing "I.S.S. (Is Someone Singing)"

               Winter Concert 2013: Grade K-3 - A Berry Merry Holiday 

Winter Concert 2013: Grade 4/5 - Happy the High Tech Snowman
Dances 2014: Grade 1 dancing to Sasha (Russian Folk Song)

SJSD Children's Choir Camp September 2013                  Grade 4/5 Welcome Song September 2013

Kinder - Grade 1 Thank a Solider                                     Grade 4-5 If You're Out There
Remembrance Day Nov. 7, 2013                                      Remembrance Day Nov. 7, 2013
Thank a Solider by Mike Wilson                                       Grade 2/3 Light a Candle For Peace
                                                                                         Remembrance Day - November 7, 2013
Light a Candle for Peace by Shelley Murley                      If You're Out There by John Legend
Grade 2/3 Remembrance Day                                          Grade 4/5 Remembrance Day

SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013

Gr. 4/5 Choir: Zum Gali
Art Gallery May 2013

Whole School: Reach for the Stars
Art Gallery May 2013

Grade 2/3 Choir: Music Is Fun
Art Gallery May 2013

Grade 4/5 Orff Club: Funga Alafia
Art Gallery May 2013

Grade 4/5 Music Ensemble: When I'm Gone
Art Gallery May 2013

Grade 2/3 Music: Sansa Kroma
April 2013

Grade 2/3 Recorders: Hot Cross Buns
March 2013

Grade 2/3 Field Trip to Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
February 2013

Teaching Video to "I Love Reading Books"
January 2013

Choirs: Remembrance Day - "Danny Boy" and "In Flanders Fields"
October 2013

Grade 3 Drumming Club
November 2012

Reach for the Stars  - School Song

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  1. Hello Ms. Rempel! My name is Valerie Whitehead. I'm a music teacher in Sudbury, Ontario and have come across your 4/5 performance of Funga Alafia on YouTube. It is so interesting with the dance, singing, and instrumental components. Would you be willing to share your written arrangement? I had already decided to perform this piece with my choir/Orff group as a welcome song for our June concert and would love to do something similar to what you have done. My email is
    Hoping to hear from you!